Fossil Sunbandit® SB1734

Fossil Sunbandit® SB1734

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Flying Fisherman sunbandit multifunctional headwear bandana are most often worn as a face mask for protection from the sun, wind and harmful UV rays, but can also be worn as a headband, cap, neckerchief, hair tie and more. Made of seamless microfiber polyester, they are extremely lightweight and breathable, wick away moisture, and dry quickly. Don’t leave port without one!

Fossil Sunbandit® SB1734
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SunBandits™ Protective Headwear:

  • Versatile all-purpose garment
  • Shape it to fit your needs
  • 100% polyester absorbs perspiration
  • Wicks moisture from face and neck
  • Breathable and wind resistant
  • Adds UV protection